Case Study: To Demonstrate Power of Pothole Data to Affect Change  

To demonstrate how powerful this data can be, Road-Aid ran a brief 5 week test on an extremely small sample size of 3% of dayton’s lane miles.  All detected potholes detected were integrated into government platforms of SeeClickFix, Dayton Delivers, the Next Door platform, and Road-Aid’s own Pothole Map app.

Every winter, the cold weather, and freeze thaw cycle severely distresses the roadways causing potholes to occur.  Because of the amount of lane miles governments are responsible for maintaining it has been impossible to have a real-time understanding of every inch of their roadways.  In response, tools such as SeeClickFix have been provided enabling citizens to report pothole locations which feed directly into their work order systems.  But citizens cannot safely report with an image and GPS coordinate of the pothole they want to report.  This results in the government still not being able to have a full, complete, and timely picture of their roadways.  

The Solution:

  • Automated collection of video data that automatically identifies potholes and reports to both government and citizen, seamlessly, on SeeClickFix and Next Door.
  • Provides government the data to fix their roads immediately
  • Identifies roads with consistent problems that would have gone unnoticed

The Results:

  • Repairs performed on 100% of our submissions within 7 days
  • Government monitoring and repairing a 5-mile stretch once a week, compared to once in a 6 month period for the last 2 years


This case study demonstrates the power of accountability through a transparent product that is easy to interpret. This is something everyone can understand in half a second that can be used to drive action and ultimately make gains in repairing the condition of our roads.  Seamless integration of this data into existing government tools, such as SeeClickFix and Next Door, is essential for adoption.

About Road-Aid

Road-Aid aims to transform the way infrastructure is maintained, 1 pothole at a time.  We are doing this by creating partnerships across multiple industries including insurance, government, and mapping.  We are also creating relationships up and down the entire ecosystem and value chain.